Bernard Hopkins vs Roy Jones jr. II: Confused Geriatric Squabble

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Oh no. Jones, at 41, having been knocked about like a pinata in his last few bouts, most recently eviscerated in one round by the thoroughly average Danny Green, is set to make money against Hopkins (45) in Vegas on the third of April. I find it interesting that the weight has not as yet been set. That's usually one of the first things you know about a fight. That the announcement of the fight came without this detail (presumably to be agreed on later when both men can find the scales they think they might have put in the loft, or maybe the shed - don't bother them about it now, they're having a nap) underscores how unimportant and meaningless this money-making venture is to both men, to the boxing commission sanctioning it and to their public. Hell, maybe they'll set it at heavyweight so they don't have to worry about any middle-age spread they might be lugging around. I'm joking, of course, I know they're both in great shape. I am shocked at RJJ's lack of self-respect. Mate; it's over.


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