Klitschko: The Inevitable Happens

Saturday, 20 March 2010

I came home from spending a couple of hours at the pub, playing pool and slowly nursing my pint. You'll be pleased to know that when I finally got onto the table after about an hour's wait I destroyed all comers and retired undefeated. I also had people desperate for me to teach them to play like I do - something I perhaps should consider as a serious way of making mickey-mouse cash.

Having completely slipped my mind, I was surprised to find that the Klit v nobody bout had taken place, with the inevitable having inevitably happened. Of course, I found this out on the BBC website, on which Boxing is very much a minority sport. The report, however, reflected my previous comments worse than I could have imagined: "Klitschko jabbed his way through a largely dull fight, with Chambers mainly trying to limit the damage." it said. The knock-out may have been exciting, but coming five seconds from the end of a fight Wlad had long since won, I might quibble that the viewers were not spared this less than edifying spectacle by its ultimately brutal conclusion.

Still, good for Wlad, good for David Haye and good for 'Pay day' Eddie Chambers, who got his check (I presume, nay, hope). For the love of god: it's the heavyweight championship of the world. That used to mean something more than the next fight and a fat check - or am I being baselessly nostalgic?


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