Graeme Smith

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Graeme Smith is going to make another hundred. I'm listening to TMS now, just after he got away with murder by referring a plum LBW that Hawkeye has going a whisker over the stumps. I met a guy who went to school with Graeme Smith at a wedding some years ago - we were there in a professional capacity (well, we were waiters) and were talking outside over a cigarette and some coffee. Smith played no. 8 in the rugby team, which is a position that seems to attract his type. My friend (whose name I forget) had nothing good to say about him. In fact, as I remember, when I asked what Graeme Smith was like, his reply was "He's a wanker".

Smith can get as many runs as he likes, I guess I'll always view him in a dim light. Is that sour grapes?


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