Hatton/Tszyu Revisited

Sunday, 17 January 2010

With the news that Ricky Hatton will probably face Juan Manuel Marquez in April/May, I'm re-watching the Hitman's finest hour in the hope that I'll regain some confidence in him. Here's how I score Hatton/Tszyu

Round 1: Hatton 10/9 - untidy, but bossed the ring
Round 2: Hatton 10/9 - close call, but three vicious uppercuts from Ricky make the difference.
Round 3: Hatton again 10/9 - close, but Hatton shows multi-level attack, whilst Tszyu let a few better punches go and put Ricky under more pressure.
Round 4: Tszyu 10/9 - Ricky takes a beating from accurate and fierce hitting from Tszyu. Lots of effort from Ricky, but how can he take this?
Round 5: Tszyu 10/9 - suggestions that Ricky's getting tired. Tszyu nails him twice off the stool, another frantic round follows, messy, frantic stuff from Hatton - Tszyu has started to stand off and measure his man.
Round 6: Tszyu 10/9 - Tszyu nails Ricky with at the starting bell, but Ricky comes back. Better work on the outside gives it to Tszyu
Round 7: Tszyu 10/9 - Hatton stumbling at the bell gives the round the champ. Tszyu, however, stares in disbelief at Hatton's iron chin and relentless work ethic. Signs of desperation from both.
Round 8: Hatton 10/9 - Tszyu's mouth is hanging open. It's an arm-wrestle and the manc connects more often than the aussie
Round 9: 9/9 there was no point deducted from Hatton in the fight, but Dave Paris shouldn't have let a sickening low-blow go without it and, since I'm re-scoring the fight, I say he did. Tszyu is tired and Hatton tastes blood in the water.
Round 10: Hatton 10/9 - Tszyu did everything but run up the white flag. Hatton's 9 years younger and it shows. Hatton has more desire
Round 11: hatton 10/9 - Hatton will win, though Tszyu hasn't given up. Oh, actually, he has. He's retired on his stool.

What made the difference?
Hatton was 26; Tszyu 35.

Hatton's now 31 and gone, as a fighter. He's finished. Go on strictly Ricky - you were great at being young.


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